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APH - Mascots (part 1) by WakaLakaAlchemist APH - Mascots (part 1) by WakaLakaAlchemist
In which bias and excitement for my team doing well for the first time in a long time shined through.

This was drawn last year, right before we actually beat Ohio State, so yeah. Kinda crappy timing now. Thanksgiving Break was crappy in general for fans of Michigan teams this year...Then again, as a Lions fan, I should probably be used to losing. I'm aware a lot of Hetalians probably don't care for football, but hey! It has Spamano and the Bad Touch Trio in it! I could call this Gakuen. But college. Whatever that would be.

What's that? History, you say? Why, don't mind if I do! I will be vague, since I doubt it's all that relevant. The rivalry between the University of Michigan and Ohio State is arguably the biggest rivalry in college football, largely attributed to the Toledo War. Most fans are pretty familiar with it. In 1835, Ohio and Michigan territory were disputing the strip of land between the two containing Toledo. There were zero casualties, and it mostly consisted of Ohioans and Michiganians hurling insults at each other. One insult from the Ohioans was calling Michiganians "wolverines" because of their viciousness and all around badassery. The name stuck, and thus we were named the Wolverine State. The dispute was settled when the government decided that, since Ohio was a state and Michigan was not, it would receive the Toledo territory. Michigan was given a seemingly useless peninsula which later ended up being full of resources and, ultimately, the better end of the deal.

Colored (?) by :iconsandstar72:~

Oh, and I don't actually live in Michigan anymore. I was born there.

PART 2 - [link]

Hetalia (c) Himaruya Hidekaz
Michigan (c) 'MURIKA
Blue-Demon-Hybrid Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
:giggle: The click! XD
SasuNaru0712 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012
The second panel reminds me of Tamaki from OHSHC
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